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1st Saturday Ladies Lunch Bunch
A group of HHS women from the Class of 1960 meet for lunch on a somewhat regular monthly basis.
If you would like to join them, contact Carole Thelin-Bonda via email at:
This page has photos from many of the lunch meetings dating back to the first lunch in 2007.  These women still meet for lunch (August, 2015), but they quit sending photos a long time ago. :-(

October, 2011

June, 2011



March, 2011

November 2010

Some photos for 2009, 2010 and 2011 are missing.  Hope to find them soon.

August 2009


July 2009


March 2009

(Photo Missing)

October, 2008 at Model Pharmacy

September 2008 at Embassy Suites Hotel

Back Row: Donna McBroom, Donna Ness, Marilyn Sasser, Sue Steed, Pat Howard, Carol Guy, Carol Ann Holman
Front Row: Mary Margaret Mead Petty, Gail Morris Denslow, Daphne McPeters, Carole Thelin Bonda, Carolyn Calvert


August 2008 at Pacific Paradise


Carol (Guy) Carpenter, Donna (Dalbey) Ness, Sue Steed , Mary-Margaret (Mead) Petty, Carole Thelin-Bonda, Marilyn Sasser


July 2008 at State Street Cafe

         Back Row::Donna Ness, Pam Asbury Smith, Marilyn Sasser, Kaye Smith, Judy Boyd, Daphne McPeters, Nancy Ward, Kay Wentworth.
Front Row: Dona McNama, Carole Thelin-Bonda, Mary Margaret Mead, Pat Devore, Sue Steed, Carol Anne Homan


June 2008 at Great American Steakhouse

Sue Steed, Carol Turpen Benson, Donna McNama McBroom    //     Marilyn Sasser, Donna Dalbey Ness, Carole Thelin Bonda

May 2008 at Gardunos at Balloon Fiesta Park

Kay (Wentworth) Ward , Donna (McNama) McBroom, Carol (Guy) Carpenter, Marilyn Sasser, Donna (Dalbey) Ness, Mary-Margaret (Mead) Petty & Carolyn (Calvert) Clark


April, 2008 at La Choza's in Santa Fe

Martha Swindle Abernathy, Anne Wengerd Riffey (visiting from CA), Mary Margaret Mead Petty, and Kay Strawn


March, 2008 at Zea Rotisserie & Grill

Carol Turpen Benson, Donna McNama McBroom, Sue Steed, Gayle Denslow, Nancy Ward Greenberg, Judith Boyd Jenkins,
Lynn Kloepfer Seaman, Marilyn Sasser, Mary Margaret Mead Petty, Carole Thelin Bonda, Patricia DeVore Howard, and Donna Dalbey Ness

February, 2008 at Cafe Viola

Front row: Carol (Guy) Carpenter, Gail (Morris) Denslow, Donna (Dalbey) Ness, Tiny Vidano, Sue Steed
Back row
:  Pat (DeVore) Howard,  Mary Margaret (Mead) Petty, Marilyn Sasser, Judith (Boyd) Jenkins,
Carole (Thelin) Bonda, Kaye (Smith) Hunt, Martha Swindle Abernathy


Late 2007 or Early 2008 at Marios Pizza and Ristorante

Carole (Thelin) Bonda, Donna (Dalbey) Ness, Sue Steed, Nancy (Ward) Greenberg  //  Marilyn Sasser, Mary Margaret (Mead) Petty, Kaye (Smith) Hunt

Spring, 2007

Back Row: Carol Ann Holman, Daphne McPeters, Carole Thelin-Bonda
Front Row: Tiny Vidano, Carol Guy Carpenter, Judy Thompson, Donna McBroom, Donna Dalbey Ness, Gail Morris Denslow


Back Row: Gail Morris Denslow, Nancy Gwenby, Carol Guy, Sue Steed
Front Row: Kay Wentworth, Carole Thelin-Bonda, Donna Dalbey Ness

  The Official inaugural gathering

 of the "Ladies Lunch BuncH

For more information about the 1st Saturday Ladies lunch Bunch,
contact: Carole (Thelin) BondaDonna (Dalbey) Ness  or  Mary Margaret (Mead) Petty

August, 2015