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Photos Submitted by Classmates  

Send us your photos so we can add your photos to the web site. 

There may be other photos from the old web site.  They will be added here if and when they are found. 

In the meantime, please feel free to use the Contact Us page to send recent photos that you would like to share with the rest of us.  You can also send links to your online photo collection, and the link can be posted on this page.

This top section contains photos submitted since about 2006.  Older photos can be found further down this page.

Tom Ormsby (Tom, where is this? On the Rio Grande?)

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Carl Konrad, getting ready for a neighborhood parade on the Fourth of July, 2012

Ron Ward - Top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge - March 2013


Randy Johnson and Jerry Woodard were SAE frat brothers at UNM.  Randy and his wife Judy dropped by to see Jerry on their way home to St. Augustine, Florida. Great visit!  (August 2009)

Lou Lagrave on vacation in Murano, Italy-June 2007

Arnold Fried makes another trip to Las Vegas to visit John Pappas
and to deposit some
$$$ - October, 2008

Can you recognize these two guys?
both were on HHS 1960 Wrestling Team.
One competed in the 98 pound class, the other as 123 pounds
("Was a windy evening so my hair is flying in the wind.
 Am just happy I still have some hair.")

Jerry Woodard & Vickie Punsalan, Chesapeake, VA  2007

"Sharon (Heard) Jones and I met in Laguna Beach for lunch to celebrate our birthdays, mine on March 5th and Sharon's on February 7th.  We have not seen each other since graduation and we had been planning this for almost a year now!  We had a wonderful reunion and it certainly didn't seem like 48 years that two friends who didn't know each other really well but had memories of each other picked up right where they had left off.
We had a fun time, and enjoyed our self's as the pictures show, our memories of school we very different, and yet similar. Times change but people really stay the same, and we found that we were the same young girls, just in a little older bodies, but our hearts and spirits were still 18!  Please
visit my photo gallery on Flicker."  2008

"On a recent vacation to Alaska in mid July 2007, I managed to catch-up with Don Burrows in Anchorage.  Don and I and our wives enjoyed a nice visit while consuming pizza at the Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria.  Don and Jane (Vaught) (AHS), have spent the last 22 years in Alaska.  Our timing was just right, as Don and Jane have now relocated to Marble Falls, Texas.  Don retained his position with his firm, but will now commute from Texas to Alaska.  It was great seeing Don again after 45+ years, as we were classmates at Jefferson Jr. High, HHS and UNM, both Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers."

Jerry Woodard's visit with Randy Johnson in his new home town of St. Augustine, Florida
Background: Castillo de San Marcos Monument Park  (September 2007) 

(Who wouldn't like to get paid to arrange all of Jerry Woodard's travel?)

Jerry Woodard with John Hall in New York outside John's place of employment.

John Hall and musical associates at Carnegie Hall

Charlie Cope back in Albuquerque for a visit with John "Orange" Kirkpatrick and Bill Winkler

Thomas Ormsby moved back to Albuquerque, in October, 2006



The following section contains photos submitted around the time of the 40th reunion in 2000. 
Vintage photos (1960ish) can be found further down on this page.

Vintage Classics
October Skies over Los Lunas

"October Skies Over Los Lunas." 
(Rocket Society - 1959 )
Bill Winkler (back row, white shirt);  Jeff Epstein (hand on rocket);  Tom Ormsby (center with brownie camera around neck);
Al Rader (second from left);  Peter Zimmerman (second from right wearing khaki pants);  George Ashley (left of Winkler)
(Photo courtesy of Bill Winkler


1959 Homecoming Court
Top row: Donna Rice, Mary Margaret Mead, Kaye Smith, Susan Martin, Sunny Rice, Jan Black, Mary Helen Baxter.
Seated, left to right:  Susan Everett, Donna Dalbey, Toni Carpenter, Annehara Fleck, Connie Jones.
(Photo courtesy of Toni Carpenter)

Eliakim Tri-Hi-Y
Front Row: Danisha DaMant, Sandy Shattuck, Jerrie Simon, Joyce Cheek  
Row 2: Carolyn Waggoner, class of '61, Nancy Doughty, Gwen McKee, Carolyn Calvert, Mary Stephens  
Row 3: Toni Carpenter, Caroly Calhoun, Connie Howard, Bonita Coder, Kate Corbin, Beverly Bisbee, Linda Jones, Judy DeValk  
Row 4: Mrs. Carpenter (sponsor), Louise Hoermann, Nancy Ward, Rita Benischeck, Linda St.Claire, Cathy Spain, Lin Hostetter,
Pam Chapman, Donna McNama, Mary Wolff, Susan E. Everett, Janice Sell. 
(Photo courtesy of Susan (Everett) Cathey)

Harry Beach and Becky Mize selecting some tunes.

Why did high school guys always have their hands in their pockets? 


Wilson Jr. High - City Championship Baseball Team - 1957
Top row:  Joe Caliguirre (coach), Phil Klein, Jim Hodges, Charles Barkley Louis Lagrave, Bob Stone,
Billy Ludi, Sonny Holland, Dennis Williams, Bernie Ely, Larry Brooks (injured). 
Middle row: Charles Bradley, Cruz Saavedra, Lynn Miller, Johnny Samuelson, Ival Miller,
Mike Moore, Ray Ludlam, Jack Hennigan, Leo Baca.
Bottom row: Ray Paxton, John Montgomery, can't remember, Bobby Shadduck (batboy),
Steve Coyne, Ricky Galles, can't remember, Edmund Belbry, David Castle

(Photo courtesy of Lou Lagrave)


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