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Highland High School

This might be a good time to visit the HHS Home Page to see how things are going there - remembering that some of the parents of some of the current students were born after we graduated HHS. Will they remember Tommy McDonald?  Next time you're in the neighborhood, visit the HHS gym and see for yourself.  (Please let us know if this link quits working.  The address of the HHS site seems to change from time to time.)


Other Highland Class Web Sites
Visit these Class Web sites:

Contact address:

Class of 1957 Contact through web site
Class of 1958 Contact through web site
Class of 1959 Michael Hanz (contact through web site)
Class of 1960 Contact Us page
Class of 1961 Webmaster - Bob Epstein
Class of 1963

Neal Kloepfer (contact through web site)

Class of 1964

Larry Wyatt  (contact through web site)

Celebrating Forty Years of "Hornethood"
Article written by:  Dennis Roberts, HHS Class of 1960


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