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Classmate Listings

Note: August 3, 2015 - In many cases, these lists are not up to date.  We are looking for a more efficient way to keep track of changes.  A solution will be decided upon after the 55th Reunion in September.

Click in one of the following three sections for the particular list that you want to see.

1. Alphabetical Lists (pick your letters):

(these pages are no longer password protected)

Select the list you want to see:

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and  The Lost List

2. Full List sorted by City and State:

This State Sorted list provides a single page with access to contact information for all classmates.  The list makes it easier to search for a particular name with a single search.  (You will find additional information about a classmate if you use one of the eight sectioned alphabetical lists above. )

Likewise, you will be able to search for anyone in a particular state with a single search.  For example, if you are going to be in Colorado, you can search the list for "Colorado" and see who is living in that area. (Use while traveling to find someone to visit that might be willing to take you out to dinner.)

3. Deceased List and Obituary Page:

Deceased List

Obituary Notices

December, 2015