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Wilson Jr. High Baseball Team - 1957


Wilson Jr. High - City Championship Baseball Team - 1957
Top row:  Joe Caliguirre (coach), Phil Klein, Jim Hodges, Charles Barkley Louis Lagrave, Bob Stone,
Billy Ludi, Sonny Holland, Dennis Williams, Bernie Ely, Larry Brooks (injured). 
Middle row: Charles Bradley, Cruz Saavedra, Lynn Miller, Johnny Samuelson, Ival Miller,
Mike Moore, Ray Ludlam, Jack Hennigan, Leo Baca.
Bottom row: Ray Paxton, John Montgomery, can't remember, Bobby Shadduck (batboy),
Steve Coyne, Ricky Galles, can't remember, Edmund Belbry, David Castle

(Photo courtesy of Lou Lagrave)

Have you seen the 1954 Wilson Student Newspaper?

February, 2012

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