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Left Coast Odd Year Reunion
Saturday, July 21, 2001   Santa Ana, California

A rebel group of HHS graduates who live in California (and Nevada and Arizona) got together at Sharon Herd's house in Santa Ana.  They claimed at the time that these photos depict those who attended.

Seated. front and center, Albert Sena  Kneeling: Cecelia Cloughy (class of 1961), Carolyn Calvert, Toni Carpenter, Daphne McPeters, Jeanne Ball Samson.
: Jean Stapleton, Louis Lagrave, Sharon Heard Jones, Anne Wengard, Robert Weig, Pat Etheridge, Jeff Epstein, Dan Aynesworth, & Jim LaPoint

  Bert Sena - The Organizer

 Sharon Heard Jones - The Hostes

 Linda Carter Stone

   Anne Wengerd

  Jean Stapleton

Jeanne Ball Sampson

Doris Althaus Willbanks

Jim LaPoint
Jeff Epstein w/Maria

Jeff Epstein w/Toni  (What a guy!)

Pat (Blair) Etheridge

Jeff Epstein, Toni Carpenter, Shelley Sena,
Daphne McPeters, TJ Jones

 Front-Dan/Jackie Aynesworth
Facing-LaPoint, Linda Stone & 
Jeanne Ball

Bert Sena & Maria Epstein

Bob Stone & Lou Lagrave

Cheryl Lagrave, Daphne McPeters, Jackie & Dan Aynesworth

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