50th Reunion Comments

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Our 50th class reunion was wonderful. Seeing so many dear and old friends, faces and names has not only reminded us of the good days at Highland but how lucky we were being a great group and class of 1960. It was a good and fun time in our lives.   Kay Wentworth Ward.
It was a terrific weekend!  We enjoyed visiting with everyone. ... Do you ever watch the Brit com. "As times goes by"?  The Judy Dench character refers to reunions and such as "wrinkles conventions". Guess we are all falling apart , hopefully slowly!   Diana Beall
A big thank you to the committee for a great reunion.  Sue (Schott) Bolton
What a great 50th Reunion. Carole, many, many thanks for the job well done. You and the others on the committee are to be congratulated. It was the greatest.   Bert Sena
I just want to say, it was such a fun weekend in Albuquerque, and seeing all of you. And the weather was perfect   ...  I thought that the food was delicious at both of our functions. But the most fun, was seeing all of you and all of our other friends and classmates. It was just a great weekend.

Just a note to sincerely thank you and the planning committee for arranging yet another very fun weekend for us "old folks."  I truly know the hard work and dedication - and lot's of frustration required to coordinate such an event (did some of that during my 35 year career in the airline industry).  Not only were the events fun for all, you scheduled good weather too. Your group must have had a magic wand of some sort. Please extend my sincere thanks to the committee (I'm not certain of all who contributed - so don't want to omit anyone) for their efforts.

I wish we had more time to chat and compare stories of the "who-what-when-where" in our lives.  But because we have this "new invention" .. e-mail ...  suppose we can still communicate.  Perhaps later, but for now my hat is off to you and the committee. 

Again - great work. Thanks for providing the great memories. It was so much fun to see so many of my school mates and fun to learn some even remembered me.  We're all looking forward to the next one.  55th maybe?  If so, better make the name tags a whole lot bigger, and maybe able to glow in the dark. ... A great big THANK YOU to the entire committee.   John Pappas

Thanks for great 50th HHS Reunion. I had a wonderful time.... Again, thanks to the committee for all the hard work you do for our class.

I just read the wonderful tribute to Jim Korn by his sister, Ms. Waldron.  It was great that she could attend the 50th Reunion.  The story of Jim's life as well as her tribute to him touched me more than anyone will know.  Jim and I were in some of the same classes.  I found him to be funny, articulate, very intelligent; and he was always a gentle, friendly, and caring person towards me and others.  It is truly unfortunate that life at times gives us misfortunes such as Jim was given, but he turned his life around and was working toward goals that only he would have been able to attain.  Jim was blessed in having the courage that he possessed.  His passing came too soon, but thanks to his wonderful sister, we have now gotten to know more about the interesting life of this courageous and unforgettable person.

Thanks again.   Judy Jermark Waterhouse

I have returned from the Past and from New Mexico and I am not trying to catch up on email that has accumulated. What a great 50th Reunion. Carole, many, many thanks for the job well done. You and the others on the committee are to be congratulated.  It was the greatest.  Jeff Epstein
The reunion committee did a wonderful job of organizing and ‘putting together’ an outstanding reunion. Linda and I want to simply say thanks for your ongoing efforts.... We had a great time.   Bob & Linda Stone
Everyone did a fabulous job of planning and putting the reunion together.  My feelings about the reunion... it was an emotional roller coaster! It was so good seeing everyone.  Lady Pamela Anne

Thanks to all for your response on our fantastic 50th Reunion.